MANILA X INC. is an events and creative services company that caters to brands and corporations of various industries. Our strengths lay in the fields of fashion, music, entertainment, and lifestyle.


Services Offered

Event Management

We create and develop small to large scale events such as festivals, fashion shows, concerts, product launches, press conferences and pocket events.

Social Media Strategy & Management

Manila X puts you in contact with social media influencers, bloggers, personalities for social media posting. We Maximize exposure through live feeds on Facebook, snapchat stories, tweetson twitter, and photos on Instagram.

SEO & AD Management

We improve rankings, drive traffic and increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining awareness in search engines. We make ads and do boosting through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Website Development & Maintenance

We are dedicated to creating powerful, effective and engaging web presence for business of all elds and sizes. To ensure our clients' websites remain current, functional and constantly updated. We do weekly website updates and regular posting of content.

Branding Solutions

From conceptualization to execution, we can build a company from scratch or revamp an existing one complete with all the necessary tools for success.

Digital Content Creation

We create, schedule and publish original content.